A historic sporting event

The European Badminton Championships are being held in Germany for the first time in 42 years. A unique experience for athletes and fans alike.

"The European Individual Championships are a wonderful opportunity to showcase badminton and bring it closer to all those interested in the sport in Germany. Such events have an enormous external impact," said DBV President Ralf Michaelis after the European Championships were awarded to Saarbrücken. DBV Sports Director Martin Kranitz added: "We were delighted to be awarded the contract. This means that a major badminton event is coming to Germany again after a long time. The 2024 European Individual Championships is also a very special and important tournament, as it is the last major tournament in the qualification phase for the Summer Olympics in Paris."

To date, the European Championships for adults in badminton have only been held twice in Germany: in 1968, the city of Bochum (North Rhine-Westphalia) hosted the first European Individual Championships in history, and in 1982 Böblingen (Baden-Württemberg) organised a combined European Team and Individual Championships.

At the 2022 European Championships in Madrid, Spain, the German athletes achieved historically good results. With two gold medals (mixed and men's doubles) and a silver medal (women's doubles), Germany led the way among all nations. The German badminton aces naturally want to repeat these results at the European Championships in their own country and are already looking forward to the atmosphere in the Saarlandhalle and the support of their home fans.

"This will be a very special event. There was an incredible atmosphere here on the semi-final day of the Hylo Open. If we can do that again at the European Championships, it will be a milestone in German badminton history," says Marvin Seidel from Saarland, who is looking forward to the highlight in his home town.

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